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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; yesterday morning, Cheng Hua Industrial and Commercial Bureau in conjunction with the public security departments to be reported two selling counterfeit designer clothes shops were raided and seized suspected counterfeit Nike and Adidas clothing more than 1,400 pieces, from the number Look, this is the city's biggest investigate a counterfeit Nike and Adidas trademark case of intellectual property, a preliminary estimate value of the amount of these fake designer clothes at least five million yuan. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; yesterday morning, Cheng Hua Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the lotus pond located north of the second floor of the market's two dragon sporting goods wholesale and retail outlets were raided cheap jordans for sale mens , within two shops were sold "Nike", "Adidas" brand all kinds of T-shirts and pants, involving law enforcement personnel at the scene seized a total of more than 1,400 pieces of counterfeit clothing. Yesterday, law enforcement officers have all the items involved, and marketing books and other site and off-site storage to be detained, the case is still under investigation pending. & Nbsp;in recent years, the cooperation between the brand can be said to be very strong, branded shoes have become homely food, of course the momentum of the original is a good thing, and we can use the concept of style shoes to recognize the brand, to break the shackles of the traditional cage, but the reality is not so... "Vice"... Not real Now most of the joint Cheap air jordan 12 ovo shoes, we basically do not see the so-called "new ideas". In the eyes of Sneakerheads, is nothing more than the other color and Logo to be used, the usual design is full of not full of gimmicks, resulting in their prices, it's really good? KAWS x Air Jordan 4 the sole only a fork, the inevitable price price KAWS x Air to Jordan 4, many fans said they did not see its new idea where, "Joe master" to spend so much energy, even Air Jordan 4 "dedication", KAWS teacher, you really just draw a fork? Original Fake x Nike Air Max 90 Original Fake x Nike Air Max 90 Original Fake x Nike Air Max x Nike Air 90 Force 1 KAWS and Nike all the teachers have to do some work jointly, are the basic elements of the application, gimmicks and blessings, if i Retro jordans for sale n the past few years, these shoes will be respected, but to assess according to the current requirements, although they are now somewhat just passable. Still expensive. Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempo version Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempo version two according to anecdotal claims, "putting the skin" of the AIR to join Supreme "collision" of the soul, network is a two scheme widely circulated, one is the word "SUPREME" instead of "AIR", another kind is the side of the small woosh directly to the "S" identity, no matter what kind of small series are Nike Air More Uptempo looked at the foot of the & quot; Olympic& quot; left the most sincere tears! Supreme x Nike SB Blazer Low GTBefore the Supreme x Nike SB GTS Blazer, Low GT and GTS Sup cheap jordan shoes for men reme and Nike SB launched a joint series of performance in the market was flat, although before really witty fans create a great sensation, but do not blindly follow the trend, so their prices dropped.! After , in order to increase the "shoes" express the hard section of the fun! decided to make a new cane plate together happy: Sneakerhead the best shoes on the foot diagram is now open for !!!!You only need to: The most love 1, and wear shoes 2, then upload pictures background 3, a reply to sneaker can participate in! if we say that the upright do not know how to act, let love more love. They release their demonstration for you! haven't met in a long time but still face big Nao Bao (@More / Converse one star bad)I took a cheap foamposites is actually a very thin bright fat (bright LNG / Nike Roshe @ LD 1000 SP) is wearing Presto to do the Presto ultra / Nike Michael cane flyknit or you can just focus on your legs and sneaker you is the three's turn sign will be cane Po shoes in the next "express" will receive a "1626" magazine 1 this oh! ah, let me see your shoes look to what extent ah # Jodan Brand Collection # said this month was like a raging fire #Kissmyair# But when AirMaxDay came to an end, Air Jordan began to rob the. Last week Jordan Brand breath released 8 double AJ for the 2017 summer sale, the taste everyone pass to kill the 8 double wooden taste? Anyway, I have. Two pairs of Air Jordan 13 Low "Chutney" chutney color for suede shoes, black Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping and yellow collocation is reminiscent of "black gold" boots of luxury color; "Navy" is for the mesh uppers, do not know the beloved AJ13 series of Pakistan hit love which color? number: 310810-022 | 310810-407 price: $175 release date: unknown | 4.8Two pairs of Air Jordan 11 Low The AJ 11 series, has been the object of many people sought after. The marble texture paint "Barons" can be said to be very sultry Oh, there are black and white. recently, discovered two methyl fumarate fungicide in the French health authorities have been in various Chinese manufacturing shoes, sandals and boots. To this end, the national entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments to remind the export of footwear enterprises, exports of footwear p Retro jordans for sale roducts must be vigilant whether in the production process to add a two excess fumaric acid methyl ester, fumaric acid methyl ester and avoid the two exceed the standard caused consumers of skin allergies, eczema and burns resulting in return, destruction and other economic issues. two methyl fumarate (DMF) is developing products preservatives, bacteria, yeast and mold it can inhibit the 30 kinds of common, aflatoxin inhibition effect is particularly evident, with the synthetic process is simple, cheap, mildew and good effect, is widely used in leather, footwear, textiles and other sterilization and mildew treatment. When fumaric acid two methyl ester is used in low dosage, basically do not harm to human body. But some manufacturers cheap jordans for sale consider the European humid monsoon season, in order to achieve the ideal effect of mold, in some of the products using methyl fumarate more than the normal amount of two consumers, caused by skin allergies, skin rash or burns. at present, China's footwear products in the United States and Europe market share of imports of more than 7. Inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant export enterprises, footwear products to screening use of broad-spectrum antibacterial, non-toxic, meets the requirements of environmental protection, irritation of the fungicide. (Editor: admin) old Beijing has such a jingle: "wearing a horse wearing energy, ruifuxiang, pedal inline , but the four heng". Many careful peopl Cheap air jordans for sale e found that once the elders daily wear shoes became fashionable young people in the eyes of the elements in the streets of Suzhou, recently opened a lot of antique old Beijing shoes store, more than time-honored Beijing neiliansheng shoes stores including, opened a branch in Suzhou. "now wear shoes can be a little old-fashioned, even can be regarded as fashion." The newly opened in Phoenix Street, a store in conjunction with the old Beijing cloth shoes, cloth shoes is the selection of Miss Lu told reporters, usually used to wear the shoes suffer too much, always feel the foot was clutching, also is a comfortable shoes. As the most famous shoes have been the traditional way of making Handmade, each pair of shoes are c cheap jordans online ropped bottom, fill in the end, nearly satisfied at the end of procedure, make a pair of shoes often takes a shoe master for four or five days. However, the reporter saw in the shoe store, now the old Beijing shoes is not in the traditional sense of shoes, these shoes in style or color fabrics are more and more fashionable, including technology, cowboy, gymnastics, ballet, fashion, flowers, embroidery and other types of network, but also by the colorful and bright and the use of color, flower, floral, floral patterns, embroidery, lattice flower. "In the original impression only old people wear cloth shoes, and now the cloth shoes can change so many patterns, and with the fashion is absolutely no problem, and the price is not expensive."." Miss Lu told reporters. fashion sense of the shoes is more and more popular among consumers, many smart business people also saw the opportunity to open a store and a cloth in the street, in the Phoenix Street, street a few hundred meters away, you can see the step, in conjunction with the Xinyuan Fulian or many other old, Beijing shoes shop. At present, the streets of Suzhou are mostly old and Northernsurprise is so sudden! The day before the adidas alerts Twitter account news release to determine Adidas NMD will be available in March 17th the first year of color again. Right, is that at the end of last year's first sale of Adidas NMD, those in various social media platforms at least Shuabing for three days before the release of NMD, which gathered all eyes, NMD was immediately sold out after the sale of looting. Although years later, , Adidas released NMD joint color shoes, and will be on sale in March a variety of NMD new color matching, really comfort a lot of friends. But before missing the first pair of color matching friends, or for the first year of the blue, red module color never forget. This again you want to start offering can grasp the opportunity, but offspring official Instagram account yesterday announced that the first year of NMD color Size 5-11, has 6 stores in the UK today, the first sale, want to start with a friend needs a little more thought. As for the relevant information about the specific selling shops in China, we should also pay close attention to the follow-up News reported by NOWRE recently. Air Jordan Series in recent years will be offering the championship series, after the Air Jordan VI and Air Jordan VII champagne, cigar set, 2016 Air Jordan VIII Retro C& C champions officially announced. A series of three consecutive years, a complete commemoration of the Chicago Bulls team's first three consecutive albert. This year's Air Jordan VIII takes COFETTI &, CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY as the theme, and the black COFETTI represents confetti for the championship celebrations, while the platinum color represents the championship trophy. The Japanese region is expected to take the lead in June 23rd, and the Chinese market may take good care of the follow-up reports we have brought to you.

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