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's ability to customize the creation of shoe fans we have to feel heartfelt admiration, and sometimes they may bring you a simple change of unexpected results. JJH customs the recent sale of air jordan 6 low chrome metal silver all replaced with gold to be decorative, but such a simple operation, let whole shoe money has not the same feeling, yes, is not, let you feel the charm of DMP. Below the cheap jordans for sale mens appreciation of the unique features of the Jordan Air 6 DMP 'Low' bar. source: Customs JJHyesterday, after a preview of this weekend's shoe list, see today's more exciting - Air Jordan's shoe list at the end of 2015 ?C is there anything you've been dreaming of? If so, save your money, ~ Air Jordan 14, Low Retro, "Laney", release date: October 2015 offer price: $170 Air Jordan 8 Retro jordans for sale Retro "Three-peat" release date: October 24, 2015 offer price: $190 Air, Jordan 1, Retro, High, OG, UNC, release date: October 31, 2015 offer price: $160 Air Jordan 7 Retro "Sweater" release date: November 14, 2015 offer price: $190 Air Jordan 8 Retro "Aqua" release date: November 27, 2015 offer price: $190 Air Jordan 8 Retro "Black/Chrome" release date: No Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping vember 12, 2015 offer price: $190 Air Jordan 11 Retro "72-10" release date: December 19, 2015 offer price: $220 AIR JORDAN 1 years engraved innumerable, even I this day people in SNEAKER can't remember. As for the black, green and red color matching AIR JORDAN 1, in recent years is also common. The AIR JORDAN, 1 black, red and green, exposed below, is the Celtic version of Ray All cheap jordan shoes for men en's version of the player who will wear the Orlando magic during the Christmas clash. AIR JORDAN 1 as NBA boots to wear no more now, because the cushioning technology and protection performance is limited (play me the most impressive player is wearing AJ1 JORDAN 94 year comeback against Nicks New York wearing white red AIR JORDAN 1). But at the time of the AIR and JORDAN 1 is different, the eng Retro jordans for sale raved many ALPHA a word, it is obvious that the updated version, and then look at the thick soles became clear, like the front exposure black red, this pair of shoes are ZOOM AIR full palm cushion, believe a lot of love AIR JORDAN 1 friends at this time can be assured of playing in it.Today, China's first training camp in 24 hours after the competition 12 projects in Beijing 751 Art District suc Cheap air jordans for sale cessfully concluded the first workshop. After half a month of training camp this hot recruitment, the final option to allocate 30 elite teams through different network and cable media platform, a total of 120 courage to put aside an excuse to challenge themselves warriors, on the morning of August 15 10:00 started 24 hours passionate and challenging training journey. The camp of PUMA 24 hour pla Cheap air jordan 12 ovo y is # set aside in the new concept PUMA training series under the pretext # inspired the birth. # # Philosophy aside an excuse to encourage the mass in motion or life fearless barriers, will be faster, stronger and better targeted to challenge yourself.from the Asics shopping mall counter slogan: "after the fall, you need to do, is to stand up. If you fail, move on to success ". As a pair of to cheap jordans online p running shoes, ASICs, the predecessor of the onitsuka Tger, was born in the 1940s, tiger tiger claw stripes to identify, from the date of birth, has been communicated this spirit: "sound mind and sound body", with excellent professional and entrepreneurial spirit, in the sports market constant motion refinement. first to talk about the origin of the Tger Onitsuka bar: 1949 years, the end of Wo cheap foamposites rld War II, Japan was poor, even the factory did not do sports shoes. There is an old man, he saw the boys and girls are still wearing two fingers to play basketball (great!) , I thought, this is not a good play, but also hurt the foot. and his eyebrows a wrinkly, ran back to Kobe, Japan family factory in painstaking study developed Japan's first pair of basketball shoes, that is, below the dou cheap jordans for sale ble. second years, or the old man. One day, when he was jealous with octopus, how clip clip, because the octopus foot firmly sucked in the bowl. His brainwave easily, thought: playing basketball is always to suddenly start and scram, if basketball shoe also have Octopus such bad chuck, it's not about to stop can stop?? he immediately put the idea into practice, after repeated trials, and constantly adjust the depth of the soles of the suction cup, and finally completed the players in the basketball court to allow free running on the soles of the shoes. 1953 years, is still the old man. He asked the marathon runner: what are the problems when you run? Players say: run time long feet always blisters. Subsequently, the old man began to study, he from the air cooling system of motorcycle inspiration, relaxation of the fabric to make the shoes of top. And open at the top and two sides of the small holes, so that running shoes can become "breathing", plus double soles, to marathon runners wear, running 42 miles on foot also doesn't bubble. The observation, imagination and practice are prohibitively high old gentleman, sir we guess who it is? His brand is a fact that you should all know -- Tiger Onitsuka (Gui Zhonghu). "A lot of people in the" slam dunk master wear, especially hisash, many typical Onitsuka brother Tiger. 1960 Tokyo Olympic Games, Japan's women's volleyball team brave win, is wearing Onitsuka Tiger. In 1966, onitsuka tiger launched a hallmark of tiger claw marks, in 1968 Mexico Olympic shine, then put this series called mexico 66. This is also the Tige〉 Onitsuka

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